Refund and Returns Policy

At we are guided by a friendly, clear and transparent 10 day Returns Window Policy. We will refund your payment, if by any chance you are unhappy with the item/piece or gemstone that is being purchased.

Loose gemstones pieces Return Policy:

If by any chance you are unhappy with the loose gemstones, these items may be returned with a full refund, strictly within the 10 day return window. During the time you are in possession of the piece, you are entirely responsible for its value and it’s care. After which we will be able to refund the cost amount.

Conditions to be eligible for return :

  1. The item must be returned completely unchanged.
  2. The item must be returned undamaged.
  3. The item must be returned in its original and unused condition.
  4. The item returned would be subject to inspection by quality control team.
  5. The product should be returned along with original invoice, packaging, documentation, certifications and free gifts if any.

Important notes:

In the circumstance the item has been altered in any way or form, chipped/ nicked, damaged, set, scratched, has a different weight, the item will not be received for a full refund. If gemstone is fitted in jewellery by customer will not be returned.

  • Please note that Shipping Charges, TAX/VAT and Duties are not refundable.
  • Return shipment is at the customers cost
  • In case the payment is made through a credit card, the payment processing charges by Payment Gateway is non-refundable.
  • For any payment through PayPal, no transaction fee is deducted.
  • Any lab certificate that may have been custom ordered besides the free certificate supporting the item, shall not be refunded in the return payment.
  • Returns will take 30 days to process.